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"Longevity and Vitality in a Bottle"

"The power of Ningxia wolfberry juice combined with some of the world's most powerful juices is what makes Berry Young Juice an indispensable part of a healthy, energetic life. Today, more and more people feel fatigued and ill. Because of the increased use of toxic chemicals in our planet, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with catastrophic chemicals that weaken our strength and energy. In addition, the debilitating effect on our bodies is due to the nutrient depletion of the soil, which has left our produce deficient in vital elements and has lead to deficiencies in our bodies. It is more vital than ever to start including the right nourishment in our diets. Berry Young Juice is the simplest and surest way to protect and replenish our bodies in a way that nothing else can. New clinical lab results show that Berry Young Juice is the most powerful natural antioxidant juice in the world!"

As of June 1st, 2005, The New Re-Formulated Berry Young Juice was made available to Young Living Members and their customers. New Information detailing the re-formulation of this spectacular juice is made available to you below and on the ensuing pages.... Enjoy!

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Vicki Opfer Discusses Reformulated BYJ and Ningxia Red (Same Juice Different Bottle) PDF File

A Berry Young Juice Flyer With Some Exciting Facts PDF File

Antioxidants vs. Free Radicals PDF File

Berry Young Juice Facts and Ingredients PDF File

ORAC Testing Results of Berry Young Juice PDF File

ORAC Testing and S-ORAC Testing Methods Used On Berry Young Juice PDF File

The Effects Of Berry Young Juice On The Human Immune System PDF File

Special Health Advisory on Immunity and Anti-Aging - Dr. Gary Young May 15th, 1998 PDF File

Longevity With Berry Young Juice And Clove Oil - Dr. David Stewart Ph.D. PDF File

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