Frequent questions

I need appointment?

No. This is a clinic without appointments and it does not require to make appointment for consultation. The patients pass to consultation in the order of arrival, being an emergency the exception.

What I must take first visit to the clinic?

Aseg érese to bring its medical file, its present medecines and the names of the previous doctors who have seen. In order to save time, it can print the Forms for new patients who are in our page of “Forms étiles” and also take them to his consultation.

I need a reference to make an appointment?

No, it does not need a reference or it mentions for being seen by our primary doctors. At the moment we are accepting new patients.

I have to check my arterial pressure regularly?

It is recommended that it once reviews its arterial pressure to a not after 21 us of age. Also we recommended annual controls with its doctor of primary care after 35 us and frequent controls if it has additional factors of risk. The more common factors of risk for high the arterial pressure include familiar antecedents, to have overweight and to have a high sodium diet or not to have a balanced diet.

Which is the difference of the relation of doctor and patient here, in comparison with other hospitals or clinics?

We think that the members of our personnel are leaders in offering attention centered in the patient. We took the time to listen to the restlessness of the patients and to respond to any question that can have. We are a clinic of doctors that evaluates all our patients and appreciates the lasting relations that we created with them.

How promissory note by my medical care?

The payment becomes at the time of the service. We strived so that all the aspects of our practice, including our professional honoraria, studies and medecines, reflect our ethical and rational approach for their attention. Your health is our priority

Which are their requirements of cancellation?

We would like a warning of 24 hours to cancel all the programmed procedures. Aseg érese to contact us to the 602-241-9105 if it will not be able to attend his appointment programmed with his Doctor. But if you want to cancel the subscription of vps web hosting, you can contact the particular vps hosting company directly. Or if you need to ask what type of plans that is suitable for you, and the software like Java, etc that are supported, you can also contact them directly.

How I can contact doctor?

We are proud of our relations medical and patient and we give long time him to answer all questions. If it needs to put itself in touch with his doctor or our medical assistants enter appointments, communicate with our office to leave a message with his name, date of birth and its n émero of telephone for which they return the call to him more soon possible.

If I want to support this site what should i do?

We are proud of our relations and we also happy to share our unlimited hosting plans that our team create so you can support this site while doing your thing, and keep all of your online info secure.

How I can prevent a cold or influenza?

The colds and the influenzas énmente transmit com through the nose and the mouth. In order to help to prevent colds and influenzas:

  • Wash the hands well.
  • It avoids the contact with contagious people.
  • After being in company of somebody with influenza or cold, it asegérese of not touching to the nose or the mouth where the virus could enter.
  • Stay to the day with his annual vaccines against the influenza.
  • It drinks much water to stay hydrated.

How one notifies to his patients the results to them of laboratory or examinations?

In the form that fills to the patient in his first visit, there is an option to respond how it would like to receive information on any test or results of laboratory. Generally, we can call to the patients within the 24 hours after receiving the results.

I will be able to obtain copies of the results of my test?

Yes, previous request, we can provide copies to him of the results of his test.

It allows to urgent appointments or the same day?

Appointment is not needed. Nevertheless, if it has an emergency, it marks 9-1-1.

Which is its schedule of office attention?

We are open of Monday through Friday of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Saturdays of 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. THIS IT PLOWS THE NEW HOURS OF OPERATION

How you make this site up and running fast?

We are using ssd vps hosting that have 99.9% uptime score and its make this site run pretty fast

Useful forms

It fills his red tape before his appointment.

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