We offer the following services

Center of Familiar Health offers primary care of high quality for all the family. We offer extensive tests of diagnosis and treatment for the health and the well-being of its family. The clinic properly is located to the east of 17 Hwy and W. Indian School Rd.

The medical services include:

  • Familiar medicine and primary care
  • To concentrate in the nutrition, the prevention, the early detection and the health and the well-being generally
  • Attention of the health of the woman, including annual examination OB/GYN, test of Papanicolaou, examination of the sines, birth control, prenatal care, hormonal balance
  • Vaginal infection, infections of sexual transmission
  • Paediatric cares, including the control of nor the nonhealthy one, allergies, asthma, Diabetes and Thyroid, Hypertension, Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Care
  • Medical care for men, that includes examinations of prostate and testicles, balance of testosterone
  • Complete annual physicists, physical examinations DOT (Department Of Transportation), scholastic and sport physical examinations
  • Vaccines
  • Services of diagnosis
  • Integral laboratory tests
  • Medecine clinic
  • Smaller surgery

We are a familiar medicine clinic and valued the importance of an annual physical examination for patients of all the ages. During its annual examination, one will meet with a primary care doctor and they will do a complete physical examination and tests to him of diagnosis that will evaluate their health of feet to head. The results of their examination will appear to him and they are possible to be analyzed with his doctor to clarify to any question or restlessness that can have.

It is proud to us to listen to its questions and to value the communication opened with our patients. If sometimes it would like to speak on our medical services or asking about how to get cheap vps server hosting. For us, we don't really need to use PHP but other software that the web hosting company provides are very useful for us. If you want to ask questions, etc,  It does not doubt in communicating with us to 602-241-9105.

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